ProClear Wall Coating

The ultimate transparent coating!

ProClear Wall Coating

ProClear Wall Coating is the ultimate transparent coating, specifically manufactured to give long lasting protection to natural stone and feature brickwork without changing its appearance.

What are the BENEFITS?

Prevents penetration damp.

Still enables the wall to breath.

Penetrates deep into substrates.

Stops erosion of the wall from extreme weathering.

Does not affect surface appearance. Insulates your home from the cold.

Resists both water and chloride.

Prevents freeze thaw cracking in the wall as water cannot penetrate.

Lowers maintenance costs.

Improves the appearance of the wall.

From the front of a small terraced property to an entirety of a large mansion.

The Process

A good clean and stable surface is essential to the successful application of our roof coating, so correct preparation is a vital part of the procedure.

We follow strict guidelines set by our manufacturer, the roof coating manufacturer, helping to ensure a long lasting and perfect finish on every property.

Our experienced team of applicators use the process explained below:

What is the process of applying a roof coating to my property?
1. Inspection

Prior to starting the ProClear Wall Coating, one of our technicians will take time to inspect the the outside walls of you property, thus enabling problem areas to be identified. Their experience will root out even the smallest issue.

2. Cleaning

Any areas that a coating will be applied to are power washed at high pressure. This removes years of accumulated dirt, soot, mould, mildew, stains and any other foreign substrates, highlighting areas that may need repair work.

3. Treatment & Repair

Any areas of moss or algae that are found, are treated with fungicidal agents, killing spores and roots, prevent re-occurrence. All areas of damage identified during our inspection are repaired, such as cracks and damaged or loose render.

4. Masking

Doors, windows, drainpipes, gutters, external fittings and any area that the Coating are not to be applied to, are covered with heavy-duty masking paper and tape to prevent over spray.

5. Application

ProClear Wall Coating is then applied using our professional spray equipment to the areas being treated. One or two coats are applied as required, to give a waterproof and protective barrier.

6. Cleaning Up

We carefully remove all masking and thoroughly clean up the site, leaving your property clean and tidy. It will be as though we had never been there at all!

7. Inspection

After the work is completed and your property cleaned, you will be asked to accompany our foreman around your transformed property for a final inspection.

About ProClear

What can ProClear Wall Coating be used for?

ProClear Wall Coating has been created to be used on an unpainted surface such as brick, stone, masonry, stucco, pebbledash, tyrolean or spar dash where the appearance of the wall does not need to be altered but requires protection against erosion and water ingress is still needed.

What is ProClear Wall Coating?

ProClear Wall Coating is a transparent, colourless coating that protects vunerable surfaces against the destructive effects of air polution, chlorides, mould, algae and adverse weather conditions.

ProClear is not a waterproof barrier, it actually breathes, and is both waterproof and microporous, allowing water vapour to pass through the properties exterior wall without letting water penetrate. It has also been developed to accommodate the expansion and contraction of surfaces caused by servere weathering, ensuring your property is protected.

How does ProClear Wall Coating work?

When we apply ProClear Wall Coating to your property, it becomes part of the surface.
A transparent barrier is formed in the capillary channels (the small microscopic holes within your walls that allow moisture to pass into the house), meaning that essentially all these tiny holes are plugged with a water repelling substance deep within the wall.

This eliminates all damp penetrating the wall and after theProClear Wall Coating has been applied, rainwater is repelled from the surface and runs off.

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